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Dee Wiz: Music Producer and Music Director of Grammy Award winning Salt N Pepa, DJ of Grammy award winning Arrested Development, DJ of Grammy Award winning Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory, DJ of Hip Hop icon Doug E. Fresh... Record Producer, Touring DJ, Percussionist, and Entertainer.

As an entertainer and touring DJ, Dee Wiz has toured with the successful “I Love The 90s Tour” sponsored by Universal Attractions headed by TLC, Salt N Pepa, Mark McGrath, Naughty By Nature, and Vanilla Ice. Dee has DJ'd private parties for the likes of the late great Prince, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, AOL, Magic Johnson, Pepsi Co., Marquis Jet, Spanx, and others. In the corporate arena Dee Wiz has DJ’d national tours for HBO, Tanqueray, and Coca Cola, after-parties for the Oscars, Billboard Awards, and the historic Democratic convention in Denver.

Dee is a member of the non-profit organization Hip Hop Public Health, dedicated to fostering positive health behavior change among youth through the power of hip hop music.

Dee Wiz produced the 2017 release of Salt N Pepa’s female anthem “Big Girls Wiz Mix” which can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all digital outlets. His solo release “Gonna Make It” feat. Salt of Salt N Pepa is currently available on iTunes.


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